Arent Noordink


I am Joanne’s father. My motivation to commit myself to the Joanne Foundation is to realise Joanne’s dream to improve the lives of the very poorest and their children in Uganda. Like Joanne I hope to make a difference for the poorest peope in the Ndegeya community near Masaka

Helma Noordink

Treasurer & Secretary

I am Joanne’s mother. It is important for me to continue what was important for Joanne. Joanne has no future anymore but the children do have a future. I want to commit myself to give these people a chance to a better future and in doing so, continue Joanne’s life’s work.

Anja Lammers

Board Member

My husband and I went to Uganda for the first time to visit family in 2013. I got acquainted with “Joanne’s children in Uganda” and Apollo and Innocent. It was wonderful to get to know them and where possible to help improve the living conditions of the people. When I was asked to become a board member of the Joanne Foundation I did not hesitate.