One of the priorities of the Joanne Foundation is more self-sufficiency for the Ndegeya community. Together with the village elders and our team in Uganda we try to stimulate activities that generate extra income in the long run. Because of this, our team in Uganda will be able to finance various activities, for instance the Health Program of our clinic.
For this reason the Joanne Foundation started a new project called Joanne’s Farm.
Our foundation purchased a piece of land in order to provide funds by keeping pigs, chickens and/or goats and grow various crops.
Meanwhile a small house has been built on the property inwhich the manager couple Phionah and Christopher now live. They are resposible for cultivating the land, taking care of the animals and setting up a breeding program.
A decent pigsty has been built inwhich 5 piglets are kept. Soon these piglets will be used to breed. In time we will also start keeping chickens and goats.
The bananas, beans, corn, potatoes and cassave will be sold by Phionah and Christopher at the local market. It will also be used to feed the needy people of Ndegeya.
With this project we aim to:
– stimulate financial self-sustainability by making a profit on selling the crops and the pigs;
– stimulate self-sufficiency of the manager couple and their family, it provides them with work and income;
– provide the most needy people in Ndegeya with food.

Joanne’s Farm

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