In 2007 Jovia worked at the Jireh Children Centre near Masaka. Here she met Joanne and they became very good friends. She named her daughter after Joanne: Miracle Joanne. It soon became apparent that Miracle suffered from HIV and thanks to Joanne’s help she is still alive and kicking. Due to domestic violence Jovia had to leave her house. The Joanne Foundation has rented a small house for her inwhich she could also set up a shop. The shop enabled her to save some money and she used her savings to buy a piece of land to grow her own vegetables. We decided to give her a house of her own, bigger than the one she lives in at the moment so that the children don’t have to sleep under the counter due to lack of space. To make her less dependable on the weather we will also buy her some pigs and have a pigsty built. She was so very happy when we told her of our plans. She should be able to take care of herself and her children from now on.