During the night of 22 December the students of Schaersvoorde stayed awake all night to collect money for two charities: Serious Request and the Joanne Foundation. The Joanne Foundation intended to spend the money on buying mattresses and beddings for the needy people in Ndegeya. Apollo told us that there are many people in this village who sleep on the floor on a plastic sheet, a mat or a little bit of straw because they don’t have the funds to buy mattresses.

The students of Schaersvoorde collected 1700 euros and with this amount of money we could buy mattresses and beddings for 38 people.
Logistically it was quite a job for Apollo to deliver the mattresses to the people but fortunately he has a friend who offered the use of his truck for free.

The people who received a mattress and beddings were very, very glad. For some it is the first time in their lives (!) that they are able to sleep on a mattress which is hard to imagine for us westerners.