Latrines for Ndegeya

Together with Apollo, nurse Kakande visits the people of Ndegeya to tell them how to prevent disease. Curing diseases is fine but preventing them is much better. They advise the people about how to take simple steps to prevent malaria mosquitoes laying eggs round their houses. During their visits Apollo and Kakande noticed that toilet use is very unhygienic because, especially the elderly and very poor people, they have no toilets. 80% of them, relieve themselves in the bushes, buckets or plastic bags.

The consequences are stench, a lot of flies and the spreading of diseases like cholera, diarrhea, dysentery and other infection diseases. Not long ago a child fell into a rickety latrine and almost drowned.
Apollo discussed this with the village elders and they asked the Joanne Foundation to help them build safe latrines. About forty latrines are needed…
The Joanne Foundation decided to respond favourably to this request and has started financing the building of latrines for the Ndegeya community. Each latrine consists of two stances and a washroom. We are very happy that we are able to contribute to the improvement of the hygienic conditions and the prevention of diseases.