Katuusi Apollo

General Coordinator & Team Leader

Apollo Katuusi is the coordinator and team leader of all activities of the Joanne Foundation in Uganda. He manages the staffmembers and he is our contact for the network partners in Uganda. It is also his task to give a monthly written financial account.

Jane Mwenyango

Assistant Coordinator & Staffmember of Joanne’s Children Corner

Jane Mwenyango is assistant coordinator. She is a social worker and she guides a number of families who need extra support. Jane is responsible for the activities in Joanne’s Children Corner, a daycare for children with a handicap.

Innocent Keirungi 

Coordinator of Joanne’s Library and Reading Club and Joanne’s Children Corner

Innocent Keirungi is responsible for the activities in Joanne’s Library and Reading Club. She organises reading- and playingafternoons. She is a teacher and she also gives remedial courses to children who do not go to school. She is also a staffmember of Joanne’s Children Corner.

Abby Kakande

Registered Nurse & Coordinator Healtprograms

Abby Kakande is a district nurse and he is responsible for the Healthcare Program Ndegeya. He provides medical care especially to chronically ill elderly people.

Kabugo Michael

Nurse in training & Staffmember of the Eyecare Program

Michael Kabugo is responsible for the eyecare program in Ndegeya. He is also a nurse in training and he assists Abby Kakande in the Healthcare Program Ndegeya.

Henry Namallah

Parttime Driver

Henry Namallah is the parttime driver of the Joanne Foundation in Uganda.