Water- and sanitation programs

Water- and sanitation programs2024-05-06T17:35:09+02:00

Water is one of the basic necessities of life but in Ndegeya clean water is often scarce due to draught and pollution. Besides health risks there are also safety risks, for instance children almost drowning while filling jerrycans in swamps. The village elders of Ndegeya asked the Joanne Foundation to help them and we were able to finance 11 waterpumps. The Joanne Foundation thinks a sense of ownership is very important so the people of Ndegeya have installed the waterpumps themselves and they are also responsible for the maintenance of the pumps. Where no waterpump could be installed the Joanne Foundation provided watertanks.

Most people in Ndegeya have no latrines. The consequences of these bad sanitary conditions are stench, flies and diseases like cholera, diarrhea and dysentery. After consulting the village elders the Joanne Foundation decided to build a number of latrinebuildings. In the meantime 19 latrines have been built.
The positive effects of building latrines, waterpumps and watertanks are noticeable; the number of illnesses related to polluted water and bad sanitary conditions are significantly less.

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