At the start of 2009 we decided to continue Joanne’s work in a project. Because we then focused on the children who Joanne supported we called the project Joanne’s Children in Uganda. In the course of the following years we extended our activities to others who could use our help, schools and villages. Because of this, the project needed a more formal status. In March 2015 we founded the Joanne Foundation, a foundation which includes all out activities.

Core Values

  • Small scale
  • Communicatively close
  • Demanddriven
  • Transparent
  • Sustainable

Small scale: The Joanne Foundation keeps its action radius limited in order to remain personally involved and to keep informed by our contacts in Uganda about what is happening.
Comunicatively close: because of the small scale and the strong ties with our contacts we are able to communicate through direct lines and close consultation, for instance with the village elders.
Demanddriven: The coordinator and the village elders tell us where help is needed. They are in control, we monitor. We do not provide them with solutions for problems they do not have.
Transparent: The Foundation is clear about its income and expenses and we justify our expenditures on our website. We guarantee that there is no rake off at all.
We work towards long term results by focussing on self-sufficiency, self-reliance and financial independence. We make ourselves superfluous by having the people shape their own destinies. For instance, we finance the education of the children until they have a vocational qualification and are able to meet their own needs. The Foundation also supports local initiatives and small scale economic activities (small shops, vegetable gardens).
Ofcourse we are guided by what Joanne would have done.


In her policy the Foundation concentrates on her statutory goal: “The Foundations aims at initiating, facilitating and supporting projects in Uganda which offer the disadvantaged population prospects for a better future. These projects concern i.a. education, healthcare and strengthening the local economy”.

Based on the core values, the Joanne Foundation works at the following aims:

Education and language development

  • Ugandan children follow an educational program and obtain a vocational qualification.
    The Foundation organises, facilitates and offers financial support.
  • Ugandan children are offered the possibility to follow readingprograms to promot their language development.
    The Foundation supplies schools with books, has set up Joanne’s Library and cooperates with My Book Buddy.


  • Staffmembers and children have maximum medical facilities.
    The Foundation covers all medical costs of the Ugandan staffmembers and the children in the program.
  • Healthcare in Ndegeya will develop to a higher level.
    The Foundation facilitates and finances healthpromoting facilities like sanitationprograms (latrines, waterpumps, watertanks), appointing a qualified nurse, preventive measures.
  • Persons having received medical care will receive food packages provided that these packages support and assist healing.
    The poorest families who are not able to provide food for themselves will regularly receive foodpackages

Economical situation

  • Small scale projects and initiatives which strengthen the local economy and the economical situation of the local people, are able to do so.
    The Foundation supports these initiatives.

Raising funds

The Foundation depends on donations from fundraising, on proceeds from various actions and on regular and incidental donors. The total of the donations determines the extent to which the Foundation can pursue its goals.
We maintain contact with the donors and organisations through newsletters, through our website www.joannefoundation.nl and through the Facebook-page “Joanne Foundation”.
The Foundation was established on 2 March 2015 and has obtained ANBI- status.

Management and spendig of funds

The assets of the Foundation are made up of donations and other income and is be managed by the treasurer.
The Foundation has three accounts with the Rabobank: two current-accounts and one savings account. Our coordinator, mr Katuusi Apollo, has a bankcard of one of the current-accounts. An agreed amount meant for a specific purpose is transferred to this account; he can then spend the money on this purpose. Monthly the coordinator gives a written account of the use of the money withdrawn.
Once a year the Foundation draws up a budget inwhich are written the fixed and variable expenditure as well as the financial consequences of the plans. The Foundation aims at having a continuity reserve enough for a fixed expenditure of two years.
Part of the travelexpenses made by the boardmembers for visiting Uganda is paid for by the Foundation. Often donors donate money for this specific purpose.
The indirect costs are minimal and only refer to expenses like bankcosts, exchange differences, costs for running the website, postage charges and printingcosts of leaflets.
The boardmembers do not receive a salary nor compensation for their services
Once a year the treasurer provides financial accountability by publishing a financial annual report on the website of the Foundation.

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