Education is the key to the development of children and the community. It provides chances to a worthwhile future. Not only do children learn to read and write, they also learn how to stand up for themselves and they learn to develop their talents and skills. Investing in education means investing in a better future for them.

In Uganda there are two kinds of schools, government schools and private schools. At government schools you don’t have to pay schoolfees, but parents have to pay for schooluniforms and other schoolrequirements. This is very expensive and many parents are not able to pay these costs. At private schools schoolfees as well as schoolrequirements have to be paid.

Education at the governmentschools is of a very low level and often the teachers are not qualified. A few years of secondary education is often enough to become a teacher at a government school. At private schools there are qualified teachers and there is a high standard of education at these schools. That is the reason why the Joanne Foundation chooses to send the children to private schools.

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October 4th, 2020|

Due to the corona virus the schools in Uganda are still closed. In February and March the children received their education for only six weeks. We hope that the schools will re-open in January 2021 sothat the children can [...]

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