Latrine project

During his visits of the people of Ndegeya, nurse Kakande noticed that hygiene when using the toilets was very bad especially concerning the old and often vulnerable people. Most of these people relieved themselves in buckets or plasic bags and emptied them in the bushes. Others relieved themselves in the bushes or used an improvised rickety latrine. It sometimes happened that children fell into these latrines. Fortunately they were saved in time.
The main danger is bad hygiene. Proper latrinebuildings are important to prevent diseases. These latrinebuildings are situated outside the house. Besides being able to relieve themselves they can also wash themselves in a washroom which is part of the latrinebuilding. The manure will be used for fertilizing the fields. In the meantime we have been able to build 19 latrinebuildings in Ndegeya.

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