My Book Buddy is an international programme that promotes reading. It is a properly organized programme which donates books to schools in developing countries. This system regulates for instance the way inwhich the books are lent to the children, the registration and how the schools are supposed to use the books in their lessons. Since February the Ndegeya Church of Uganda School has participated with My Book Buddy. The locally made bookcases and bags for carrying the books were paid for by My Book Buddy and the 491 books (also the number of students) were paid for by the Joanne Foundation.

Today we saw that this system works well. All the students use their special Book Buddy bags to transport the books which they are allowed to take home. There is a well functioning registration system to keep track of which book was lent to which student and every Friday books are exchanged. At the moment the students read an average of 9 books a year. Before handing in their books the students are allowed to read aloud from their books during the lesson.