Our meeting Rosemary, the woman who takes care of the handicapped children Diane and Charity, was very special. She is not related to the girls, she looks after them after she found the girls abandoned in a house and roaming the streets.They were “dumped” by their parents, probably because they were handicapped. Rosemary takes care of the two girls patiently and with love and has given them a safe home.

Rosemary is very poor and has a hard time to make ends meet. Once a month the Joanne Foundation supplies her with a food package sothat they have enough to eat.

We would like to give Rosemary a house inwhich she and the handicapped girls can live without worrying about the house collapsing or getting wet in the rainy season. A safe house for this small family will cost €1750. We hope to find enough sponors to help us realise this for Rosemary.

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